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Our windows are designed to appeal to the traditionalist or the modernist, offering a wide choice of external sash styles and variations which greatly enhance the character of period and modern homes.

When you ask yourselves  Which window style should we use? - The answer is straight forward, any style your heart desires. If you wish we can replace your existing rotten window frames with a visual match- all of the benefits with none of the drawbacks.

We can offer more modern window styles if necessary - like our tilt and turn windows, which allows cleaning from the inside. Or perhaps, we could fit a Victorian bay, Tudor style leaded lights or Georgian lattices Or match your original Coloured leaded windows so you don't lose the traditional style your house has now.

We Treat Your home as if it was our home.

There is only one way to fit quality PVC-U windows - and that's perfectly. Because every frame is individually made to measure, the process of fitting the window is extremely quick and simple.

So there's less fuss, less mess and the whole job takes a lot less time than you think. Particularly since we are blessed with reassuring know how, experience and last, but not least, respect for your home. Which means that you can enjoy the benefits of PVC-U windows immediately with out worrying about damage or disruption.

On those cosy evening in by the fire, you'll soon notice your rooms are warmer, thanks to the excellent insulation of your new PVC-U windows. Similarly your home will seem considerably quieter with the reduction in noise from outside. And come spring when all those chores round the house want doing, you can be sure that you won't be spending your time on the endless repairing of windows - because our PVC-U won't rot, peel or crack. In fact you'll wonder why you didn't invest in PVC-U windows & doors before.


As you would expect, our wide range of residential doors and patio doors come with the same attention to detail as windows.

Strong, secure, totally weather resistant and able to stand up to the constant cycle of knocks and bangs to which the average door is subjected. All this, together with stylish good looks and a variety of designs ensure that the door of your choice will complement your choice of window

Built To Last

And when it comes to design and finish our doors really are exceptional. Beautifully finished and smooth in operation, they make the perfect entrance to your home - unless you're an uninvited guest. Then, as with our windows a multi-point locking mechanism will deter even the most determined intruder. What's more being manufactured from durable PVC-U our residential doors won't rot, warp or swell when wet - so there are no more sticking doors. All our doors can be supplied with high quality, top of the range door furniture from our vast selection


The Conservatory is a room for all seasons. A room in which to laze during the leisurely summer months, or enjoy in those chilly winter evenings. A stylish PVC-U conservatory can take a variety of forms, large and small with Georgian or perhaps Victorian styling.

Conservatories were first introduced in the early 17th century, when they were immensely popular amongst the nation's aristocracy. Back then, then were known as orangeries on account of the fact that were used to grow oranges and other exotic fruits no indigenous to Great Britain's shores. Today, they still remain a stylish yet functional construction worthy of the ruling classes - and never more so than when designed and realised by us.

Our conservatories retain much of the styling and appeal of their original predecessors and draw on the lessons learnt from the last 400 years. They also offer similar levels of luxury to their forebears, whilst architectural influences past and present serve as our inspiration. These elements combined ensure every conservatory equates to a truly modern master piece set to create its own legacy of luxury

With every of our conservatories you enjoy the best of old and new. Traditional and time-honoured standards of craftsmanship are employed throughout the design and installation stages. At the same time, all that is best in modern engineering plays an equally instrumental part. This marriage of tradition with technology results in a conservatory that not only looks exceptional, but that's capable of withstanding the harshest of conditions the British weather can throw at it. In addition, the use of the very finest raw materials enables your conservatory to offer enhanced resistance to intruders as well as good sound proofing qualities. Combine this high-performance with extremely low maintenance requirements and the benefits of owning a conservatory have never been so easy to enjoy.

As you would expect a conservatory isn't just a unique environment with its own distinctive ambience. It's also a haven of natural light. This, combined with their inherent comfort and ability to offer inspirational views, makes then ideal for reading, painting, sketching or indulging in other creative or light intensive pastimes. Similarly, your new conservatory will benefit from every available drop of sunshine. So bright and so warming, there is no better room in the house fro backing, relaxing or entertaining family and friends.

Contemporary or classical. Large or compact. Ornate or minimalist. Whatever type of conservatory you dream of, we will have a style to suit. Our conservatories are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. There are also numerous glazing options and an array of different doors windows for you to chose from. Through a combination of there components, you should be able to create a construction that perfectly resonates the architectural style of your property or your conservatory's surroundings. If you can't however, we also have the capacity to develop a totally bespoke conservatory on your behalf. This ensures that the only true limits to what you can achieve are your budget, the space available and your own imagination.